Store Sign Stolen.

Store Sign Stolen.

Posted by Elena Mashtakov on Apr 10th 2018

Spring is a wonderful time in Key West and while it is still so cold mostly in the entire country, Key West enjoys the best weather of the year. So, no wonder it is one of the most favorite places to get away for a week, or for the weekend, or for Spring Break. People visit from everywhere and most of them are here to have fun and be respectful. Now, here and there, we get some that have a little too many drinks and are up too late at night and bad ideas come to their heads. And on one of those nights it was Funky Chicken Store's Sign that had to suffer. 

These 2 individuals decided that they liked our Store Sign that much that they wanted to take it home with them. So a few minutes later they ripped it off ( together with the bracket) and stole it. Next time you two Fans come to Key West, don't be shy come in and we will gladly gift you a few T-shirts with the Logo Sign instead... it's definitely much easier to carry! :)) 

Please follow this link and check the out the surveillance video .

Thank you all,