Welcome to your Our Store!

Posted by Elena Mashtakov on Aug 28th 2017

Dear Customer,

Me and My family are so delighted to welcome you to The Funky Chicken Store. We are so very excited to see You here and we look forward to making your shopping experience easy and fun. 

Funky Chicken Store is a family owned business located on a little Paradise Island called Key West, in the beautiful Florida Keys. I have called it home for 11 Years now and I can not imagine living anywhere else but here. 

We are so thrilled to share with you our passion for the local fowl, so we made Funky Chicken a one stop shop for all You Chicken Lovers out there! We offer a wide variety of chicken related products like clothing, art, dinnerware and souvenirs and living in a small community with a large number of Artists we are only proud and honored to support them and offer you all this incredible Art made locally. 

Please take your time and browse our store and keep in mind that we are not your typical store. If you have something particular in mind chicken related that you need, we most likely will be able to make it if you let Us know. 

Cheers and Have Fun Shopping!!!